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Training Offering

An enlightened mind is a gateway to boundless possibilities. We provide a broad range of training that truly opens up the mind to creativity. Sharing knowledge is at the core of our business objective and with well tailored trainings we pave the way to enhancing your productivity.

With our rich team of trainers, we offer scheduled classes in our facilities or on-site training where we come over to your organisation and see you put your learnings to use in your own environment.

Our offering covers subjects such as Engineering, Technology, and Business.


Computer Aided Design with AutoCAD
Engineering Design with SolidWorks


Introduction to Programming (Python)
Web Technologies (HTML5, CSS, SASS, and PHP)
Web Development (Drupal and Wordpress)
Rapid Prototyping with Fireworks


Building a Startup
Product and Customer Validation
Developing a Business Model
Design Thinking for Business