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Conzultrix is a Technology and Business Development company.

We develop applications for businesses and higher education that aims to pass their message across and carry out their core objectives and activities in a more effective manner.

Understanding that knowledge opens up unimagined possibilities, we provide technology and business training, providing the skills required to build innovative tools and product while creating exciting business opportunities.

We provide consultancy services on building a business, getting a new product to market, and adopting technology.

With an obsession with education and passion for business, we are always thinking up tools and solutions to make learning not just efficient but also fun. We also deploy applications to help you make the best of your business.

Possessing a rock solid team with experience and expertise cutting across many industries, we deliver top class solutions while forming long lasting relationships with our clients. This ensures that our solutions truly match your present needs while evolving with your future requirements.

You cannot go wrong by giving Conzultrix a try.