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Development Offering

We love building solutions, solutions that are improving education and transforming businesses.

We specialise in building powerful mobile friendly Drupal based web applications for enterprise and institutions of higher learning.

With our depth of expertise and experience in open source technologies we deliver cost effective applications well suited for business, governments, and institution of learning.

We employ an integrated approach to your project. Our team includes Concept Developers, Designers, Developers, and of course YOU. We don’t just build a website for you, we undertake a study of your organisation and understand your goals so as to develop an application that is truly in sync with your objectives.

Our development method is such that we always involve the customer from the very start so as to always incorporate your feedback.

We provide a number of deliverables for every development project. We begin with a meeting to understand your objectives, than we deliver the sketch and wireframe of our concepts to give you an understanding of how things fit together, we then flesh up the wireframe with colours and graphics into a rich prototype to allow you make a visual connection with our proposed solution. We do all these while incorporating the feedback we get from you or your users at different stages. After all tweeks are incorporated, we then go ahead and develop your application while giving you the opportunity to carry out tests at various milestones.

Why not let us see how we can transform your web presence.