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Consultancy Services

When it comes to better understanding how to employ technology in attaining your business goals you should look no further than Conzultrix. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we provide technology consulting in software, hardware, and equipment selection to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Because we have an in-depth understanding of open source technologies, we can help you choose the best mix of technology for achieving your organisational objectives in a cost effective manner.

We love building businesses, we provide consultancy services for startups in the areas of finding winning products, winning teams, and the right markets. We expose startups to a set of systematic tools for testing and validating key business assumptions on the way to building a truly successful and thrilling business.

For established business with an eye on a new market, product, or strategy, Conzultrix brings in a wealth of experience that gives the the freshness and agility of a new company while leveraging your position as an established one.

Why not let us come check how we can add value to your organisation?