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edLynk is an identification, communication, and collaborative platform for higher education. It provides easy tools for teachers to engage students anywhere, anytime, and on any device. edLynk is a collection of apps that creates a truly rewarding learning experience.


edLynk Mail provides a cost effective and customised email solution for higher education. Mail provides email accounts for the staff, students, and departments of the institution without having to worry about servers, software, and technical personnel. We have all that covered while you focus on providing quality education for your students.

A customised email solution ensures that an email message can be verified as originating from an authentic member of the institution while also providing a single sign-on for other edLynk application.


edLynk Doc provides word processing capabilities for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations where multiple people can work at the same time on the same document to achieve real time collaborative editing.

With Doc a teacher can post lecture notes as documents and share it with a particular class so students can view the notes on any device or even print for offline viewing.


edLynk calendar is an online calendar and task management solution that lets anyone schedule an event and invite participants who are sent notifications and reminders by email.

A lecturer can schedule a test for Tuesday by 10:30 am at the Awesome Lecture Theater. The event is then shared with all seconds year students of Computer Science department. Every student of that class gets a notification of the test so they can prepare and a reminder also say 24 hours to the test.


edLynk Storage gives provides online storage for users where they can save work files securely and access them from any device - phone, tablet, or laptop. Files can also be shared with colleagues so there is no need to send files about as attachments. Have portable flash drive just become obsolete?


edLynk Share is a discussion platform which facilitates social learning by allowing students to seek and provide solutions among themselves. Students can interact with their peers to share their troubles with an assignment, seek some form of clarification with the day's lecture, or they may just have a question or an idea to share. With edLynk all they need do is start a conversation on Share to solicit feedback.

It is very easy to find past discussions as they are searchable, easy to skim, and easy to reference. On Share conversations are never lost.